Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prices compare to others ?

While competitors prices vary from place to place, we are confident that ours are amongst the most competative in the UK. Therefore, because almost everything we offer is manufactured by ourselves there is no 'middle man' to pay and your savings can be between 10% and 50%.

What if my delivery contains damaged goods ?

This happens very infrequently, but sometimes damage can occure during transit. If this occurs, it is VITAL that you mark the delivery note DAMAGED GOODS and contact us immediatly on 01524 841726 or use our contact form. (Note:- If you do not sign DAMAGED we have little redress against the carrier & may not be able to agree your claim) We will arrange for the goods to be repaired or replaced. If items need to be replaced please keep the original packaging. All returns need to be arranged through us before despatch (we will arrange for the collection by our carriers).

What is your warranty policy ?

All of our products come with a full 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Are the prices quoted subject to VAT ?

All prices are subject to VAT - unless you are ordering from (and to be delivered) outside the U.K. where they will be VAT free.

How will you use my personal details ?

Tradesignz Manufacturing Ltd has a strict policy of keeping all customer information entirely confidential. We will never pass your details on to a third party.

When can I expect my order ?

Delivery times vary according to the product & destination, but as a general rule, orders placed by 2pm for stock items will be despatched that day - for next working day delivery throughout mainland UK.

How safe is it to give my credit card details online?

None of the customers who have shopped at Tradesignz have reported fraudulent use of a credit or debit cards a result of purchases made with us.

I've never seen these Ankerbolts before. How do they work, and are they any good ?

We're great fans of Ankerbolts because they are so easy to use.

'Ankerbolts' or 'Thunderbolts' are self tapping bolts for fixing (in our case) brackets to concrete, brick, block, stone etc. They are an alternative to the more traditional shield anchors or sleeve anchors (commonly known as 'Rawlbolts')

From the fixers point of view, the Ankerbolts are far easier to use because you can drill & bolt up one hole at a time. - To fix a three hole bracket using Rawlbolts or Sleeve Anchors, you need to offer the bracket up and accurately mark & drill all three holes first, (hoping the drill doesn't wander) You then need to insert the rawlbolts, offer the bracket up again (assuming all the holes line up) & then bolt it up.

With the Ankerbolts you don't need to mark out all the holes but drill just one hole, and then you can bolt the bracket up. You then drill the next hole (through the bracket hole) in turn & bolt up, therby ensuring the bracket is straight & none of the holes miss.

NOTE: The Anchorbolt is a one piece item (no plastic inserts such as rawlplugs) and the bolt cuts it's own thread into the brick. You must use the appropiate drill size and overdrill the hole to ensure the bolt doesn't 'bottom out' or there is a danger that you can strip the thread by overtightening.


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