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Complete Sign Frame Kits mean you get exactly what you need with all the fixings required with no waste. They are ideal if you have no fabrication facilities or where your requirements are occasional and varied. You don’t need to store all the variations or have money tied up in slow moving stock.   

DIY Lengths & Components may be ideal if you have a higher demand for one type/colour and you have a workshop with a good quality chop saw with an aluminium cutting blade. You also need to be prepared to carry stock. 




Why use a sign frame?

Thin panel signs with no border and a raw edge which have fixings through the front face are not ideal. They can look cheap and unfinished & if the panels are larger, it’s very difficult to get them to stay flat without any fixing dimples or general cockling. 

The value adding solution is to mount your sign in a frame. This will have the following benefits:

  • The frame provides a quality look and greater value to your sign. 
  • The panel will remain absolutely flat and straight. 
  • There will be no unsightly fixings through the design. 
  • In most cases, a frame is easier to fix than a complete panel. 


PanelTrim is the country’s most popular range of aluminium extrusions, designed to mount and frame rigid panels to walls without any fixings going through the panel face. Due to its simplicity of design & ease of use PanelTrim sign framing has become the sign makers go to panel installation system. 

There are four sizes/styles to accommodate the smallest to the largest of signs. Stock colours are black, white or silver or alternatively, we can paint or powder coat them to any colour.  

The advantages are:  

• There are no fixings through the sign. 

• The panels are not fixed so don’t ‘cockle’ or flex in the heat. 

• The widest choice of quality sign framing options in the UK.


FlexiFace PanelTrim

FlexiFace PanelTrim frames serve a very similar function to PanelTrim but are designed to have a flexible PVC printed panel instead of a rigid panel. The PVC panel (often called a ‘skin’) is simply a printable banner material that requires no taping or stitching which is held in the aluminium frame with decorative plastic trim all round the frame. Stock colours of the frame are white or silver, alternatively, we can paint or powder coat them to any colour. The plastic clip trim is either black or white.  

The advantages of the FlexiFace PanelTrim are: 

• There are no joints in the panel for the wind to get behind. 

• They are lighter than rigid panels. 

• The graphics are cheaper to produce and transport. 

Traditional Double Sided Sign Frames

Traditional Double Sided Sign frames are designed to compliment our range of Projecting Sign Brackets. Historically these signs would have a hardwood frame which is expensive to produce in the first place, and requires constant maintenance (painting). This prompted us to design and produce our own aluminium extrusion framing system. The frame takes a 10mm thick double-sided panel, or two ACM or aluminium panels back to back.  

Stock colours of the frame are black or white,  or we can paint or powder coat it to any RAL colour.  

The advantages are: - 

Quicker and cheaper to produce than traditional timber frames. 

Liked by Planning Departments around the country.  

Can be used in a wide variety applications. 


Image of corner of a panel


Aluminium Capping

Aluminium Capping is a simple finishing extrusion designed to frame a 19mm thick panel which can be used on single or double sided signs. Available in Anodised Silver or raw ‘Mill finish’, we can also paint or powder coat it to any RAL colour.  

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