Banding Systems

Stainless Steel Banding Fixings

Stainless Steel Banding Systems are probably the most universaly used methods for Sign Makers to fix signs to posts, particularly where the posts are large diameter, where there is more than one sign to be fitted at the same level or the post is iregularly sized such as concrete posts or telegraph posts.

We offer two basic systems:-

  1. A Screw Banding which requires no special tooling or expertise.
  2. A Band & Buckle system that requires a special tool and a little practice.

Screw Banding

If you have a small number of not too large signs to fix, this may be your best bet because all you need is a screwdriver, and it's really easy to use.

The Screw Band is in effect, a very large 'Jubilee Clip', available in a range of lengths to fit posts up to 400mm diameter. (for larger requirements, you can use two or more Screw Bands all locked to each other)

It's not as strong or robust as the Band & Buckle system, but if you've only a small number of signs to fit & you don't expect to do any more then this is probably the most cost effective solution.

Band & Buckle

This is the 'Industry Standard' system favoured by Local Authorities, Construction Industries, Oil & Pipeline Industries etc. etc. - because it's strong, versatile and relatively vandal resistant (you can't steal these signs with just a screwdriver or spanner)

We supply the two most commonly used sizes of banding, 12mm & 19mm wide band and buckles because they are the two sizes used in the sign industry and the one Banding Tool that we offer can take both sizes.

The banding comes in a 30.5 metre roll (100 feet) and the buckles are boxed in 100's, and the tool itself can tighten the banding with a force of 2,400 lb (which we think is more than enough for any conceviable sign fixing requirement)

PS.  We've got a Banding Tool Starter Kit which consists of a Banding Tool, - and up to 20 rolls of banding & 20 boxes of buckles at 10% off the quantity trade prices.

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