Flat Cut Letters

Flat cut letters are a really effective and inexpensive way to add interest to your signage and create an eye-catching display. Flat cut lettering is less expensive than 3D lettering but still looks great and helps to create professional and impactful signs.

We can produce flat cut letters & shapes in a range of materials (aluminium, aluminium composite (ACM), PVC foam, MDF and acrylic) with options to suit most requirements and budgets.

We offer various fixing methods for your flat cut letters, such as ultra strong UHB tape for applying direct to your panel, or 'stand off' plastic or brass locator fixing studs to get a '3D' look, or even long studs for fixing to an unven surface such as a stone or pebble-dashed wall.


PVC Foam

The cheapest of the available materials suitable for flat cut letters, we stock white in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 19mm & 24mm. Can be spray painted to your RAL colour.

Colours are available in 3 & 5mm thicknesses.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material)

3mm thick only, ACM is an extremely durable material and available in a very wide range of colours, together with mirror and brushed finishes. (not suitable for painting)


Acrylic from Perspex (amongst other manufacturers) is probably the most frequently used sheet for flat cut letters as it is available in a wide range of colours and 3mm, 5mm, & 10mm thicknesses. (not suitable for painting)


Solid aluminium is available in 3 & 5mm thicknesses (or thicker to special order) and is suitable for spray painting or powder coating, which is ideal if they have to be a specific RAL colour.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)

A very economical material, but not particularly ideal for outdoor use (even the 'waterproof' Medite brand - in our opinion) as it usually needs to be hand finished & spray painted with a primer & topcoat. Like the PVC foam, it is probably most economical if you're going the finish them yourself.

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