Meet the Team


We'd love to introduce you to the team here at Tradesignz, Morecambe. Our diverse group of individuals brings together a myriad of talents, experiences and perspectives, all united by a common goal, to deliver excellence in everything we do. Get to know the faces behind the work & meet the individuals who make up our team, each bringing their talents and expertise to the table.


Norman aka 'The Boss'. Norman is our Director and the font of all knowledge on all things signs & lighting, with many years experience in the business. When not working you'll find Norman, a self confessed red wine enthusiast, relaxing with a glass of Rioja or on the beach with his dog, Maggie.


Meet Jules, our General Manager , the expert in multitasking & our fearless leader keeping chaos at bay. There's nothing that fazes Jules and all she needs is a steady supply of coffee (preferably a Cappuccino!). Jules is dog Mum to Tilly and when they are not out enjoying a walk together, you'll find her reading or pottering in her garden. 


Daz is the newest addition to the Tradesigz team. He spent years fine tuning his skills in the world of boilers and now, luckily for us, he has now transfered those skills to the manufacturing of our trough lighting.  Daz enjoys keeping active by playing golf and walking, with a well deserved pint at the pub afterwards.


Meet Diane, she's likely the voice at the end of the phone if you give us a call. As well as the champion of customer satisfaction, she's also amazing at making things right. When Diane is not out walking her 2 dogs Bobby & Dylan, you'll find her relaxing by doing crochet or knitting. It is rumoured that she has the largest collection of yarn ever known to man.


Jenny is our Marketing Assistant and the office creative. Fueled by caffeine. she's the unofficial guardian of the kettle.  Jenny has a love for the great outdoors, whether it's walking, gardening or touring the country in her VW campervan. Her happy place is in her greenhouse tending to her plants.


Lee is our warehouse general all rounder as he can turn his hand to doing absolutely anything. There's no challenge to big or small, so if there's a problem, Lee is the one to ask. When not at work & despite having 4 energetic boys, Lee finds time to pursue his passion for cars & is a truly talented mechanic. When he has any spare downtime, you'll find Lee unwinding on the riverbank with a spot of fishing.


Luke can transform a mountain of products into neat parcel faster than you can say "shipping label." He lights up our warehouse with his infection grin and sunny disposition. When not at work, Luke is always looking for his next dose of excitement. He enjoys visits to the Go Karting track and Airsoft, (think paintballing but with plastic pellets).  


Meet Ryzard the longest serving member of staff.  Hailing from the land of craftsmanship and tradition, our ex welder has wealth of experience forged in the fires of Polish steel mills. These days he has a less physically challenging position as one of our general assistants. Ryzard loves spending time outdoors in his garden or going for a gentle stroll.


This is Simon, our welder and the master of molten metal. He can bend, shape and fuse metal with his amazing skills. Simon loves the outdoors and enjoys the spectacular scenery of the Lake District by spending his spare time walking (and sometimes even cycling!) up the Lakeland hills.


Steve is our Trough Light expert. With a passion for precision & a commitment to excellence, he plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our manufacturing process. Steve loves to travel and when he's not jet setting around the world, you'll find him in the pub or watching his football team, Manchester City play. 

Last but no means least and definitely the most popular members of the team are our office dogs. Research shows that having dogs in the office offers loads of benefits that extend beyond simple companionship. Their presence in the workplace can significantly contribute to a more positive and productive environment. Firstly, office dogs have a ability to reduce stress levels among us, creating a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, the need to care for and interact with office dogs encourages regular breaks and physical activity, which can boost both mental and physical well-being. We love having our dogs here with us for the working day.


Tilly preparing for the working day.


Maggie patiently waiting for a treat.


Rudi on the hunt for snacks.


The very handsome Bobby


Maggie & Tilly having a power nap.

We fondly remember Reggie, Norman's faithful friend and honorary office mascot who we lost in 2024.

Reggie brought joy and warmth to our workplace, he could brighten the gloomiest of days with a simple tail wag. From greeting us at the door with a toy in his mouth to snuggling under desks, Reggie was a constant source of  companionship for everyone in the office.  Although he may no longer be with us, Reggie's memory lives on.




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